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Clients in the U.S. can access third party research at no cost, on certain stocks that are covered by BofA Merrill Lynch Equity Research reports.

If you are a U.S. customer who has access to BofA Merrill Lynch Equity Research through My Merrill, click here to login. If you are a non-institutional customer not yet enrolled in My Merrill, you can enroll by clicking the Enroll My Account link on the My Merrill login page.

For further information about enrolling for online access, please contact your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch representative.

To review a description of the third-party ratings methodology click here. Further information can be found on the back of the providers' research reports, which you can access at the above websites. Please note that the ratings shown for a specific company's equity security is not necessarily equivalent to, or derived using the same methodology as the BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research ratings or the ratings of other third party providers.