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Diversity & Inclusion Backup

As Merrill Lynch has successfully reinvented itself over the years — from a U.S.-based retail securities broker to a diversified global financial services company — our workforce diversity efforts have evolved as well.

The focus on race and gender issues that initially drove our diversity initiatives in the United States now has a global perspective. We want to ensure that Merrill Lynch is a meritocracy in which diversity thrives at every level and at every location of the company.

Call to Action
Responsibility and accountability for workforce diversity rests with the firm’s business and support groups. To advise senior management on recruitment, development, and retention of diverse talent as well as business development in diverse markets, we have established two advisory groups.

External Diversity & Inclusion Advisors

  • are comprised of outside experts from business and academia
  • meet with business-level councils to share best practices  Read more

Diversity & Inclusion Council

  • Each business, region and support group has a Diversity & Inclusion Council made up of senior managers of the group.
  • Individual councils roll up into a Global Diversity & Inclusion Council that meets twice a year.  Read more

At Merrill Lynch, diversity is more than just a word or a single program — it is part of an environment in which employees are recognized and rewarded based on their accomplishments.  Rooted in one of the company’s five guiding principles — Respect for the Individual  — the Merrill Lynch culture promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation, and productivity among people from varying backgrounds.