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10 Questions To Ask Your Advisor

As with any investment decisions, the more you ask and know about values-based investing (VBI), the more comfortable you are likely to feel.

Here are some questions, suggested by our VBI experts, that you may wish to raise with your Advisor.

10 Questions To Ask Your Advisor

1. What is my first step to get started in values-based investing?

2. Will VBI change the process in which we manage my portfolio?

3. Will you help me sort out and talk through the values most important to me and to my family and how those values might drive our VBI strategy?

4. Which of my values can best be translated into an investment strategy?

5. How will using VBI in my portfolio impact my approach to philanthropy and vice versa?

6. Will there be a cost in terms of fees or the returns we can expect?

7. Does VBI mean that we have to redefine our portfolio strategy, or can we keep the same balance and risk level?

8. How would you recommend that we make the shift into VBI? Gradually? In percentage increments?

9. What have your other clients experienced by implementing VBI strategies?

10. Do you personally engage in VBI? If so, can you talk about how it has benefitted you?


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