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Beyond the bucket list:

Experience leisure in a whole new way

the gif image shows a city with its road traffic

When work stops, leisure takes on new life

41% of employed Americans don't use all their vacation time

Experiences transform downtime into time well spent

the image shows a cliff side town with houses with caption of experience freedom and fun.


experience more freedom and flexibility in retirement.

Your best life is ahead of you. And don't expect to fall back on the status quo. 66% of retirees prefer trying new things in retirement.


Quality of life improves with greater leisure


A plan to have fun? Absolutely


of retirees are in the dark about how to fund their leisure activities in retirement. And most haven't planned or budgeted.

the gif image shows a city with its road traffic
* Merrill / Age Wave Study: Leisure in Retirement: Beyond the Bucket List, May 2016

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