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The Chief Investment Office: Market insights you can act on

Our Chief Investment Office takes a unique, integrated approach to help you along every step of your investment journey. It’s a process that provides our advisors with the tools to keep you aligned to your long-term strategy, the flexibility to address your individual needs, and the responsiveness to address short-term opportunities. The aim is to provide another advantage as your advisor helps you pursue your goals.

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The process starts with a high-level outlook drawing on our own strategists, the award-winning1 BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research and outside experts. We translate the outlook into asset allocations for different time horizons and levels of risk. We implement the allocations, or help your advisor do so, by selecting appropriate funds we believe are likely to deliver on their objectives. Then we monitor them to help your advisor make adjustments based on their performance, market trends and your progress toward achieving your goals. In this video, Chief Investment Officer Chris Hyzy describes the value of this kind of process in today’s world.

3 Questions to Ask Your Advisor

  1. What are capital market assumptions and strategic asset allocations, and what roles do they play in the management of investments?
  2. How can I stick to my long-term investment strategy while also taking advantage of shorter-term market opportunities?
  3. Once I have a portfolio, how do you monitor its performance and look out for the need for changes?

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1 Named Top Global Research Firm 2011-2016 by Institutional Investor


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