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Learning to Slow Down — On a Farm

After a fast-paced corporate career, Sid Greer and his wife Eva turned their respective passions for agriculture and cooking into a sustainable retirement lifestyle

AFTER A BUSY CAREER TRAVELING all over the world, Sid Greer yearned to don overalls and raise some cows. "I love agriculture… the trick was figuring out how you do it profitably, because hobby farming won't pay the bills," says Sid. Up for the challenge, he founded Greer Farm with his wife, Eva, more than a decade ago in Dangerfield, Texas.

For Eva, the challenge was figuring out how to channel her interests and talents in this rural setting. "My real passion in life has always been cooking," she says. So Eva got a certificate in culinary arts and began giving cooking classes on the farm.

With the help of Susan Heuer, their Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor, the Greers obtained the financing to renovate their farmhouse and purchase livestock. Relying on the income from their portfolio of CDs and bonds to cover expenses until the farm becomes self-sustainable, they've worked hard to create a space that others might want to visit. Now Greer Farm "is generating its own income," says Heuer. "This is what they really wanted it to do." Adds Eva: "What is retirement, really? Sitting in a chair all day? I just feel that I'm in another stage in my life."

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