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Sandwich Generation Balancing Act

Paying children's college expenses, caring for aging parents — and saving for retirement? You're not alone.


AFTER A SUCCESSFUL MEDICAL CAREER, Dr. Chris Stout hopes to retire early to devote more time to his volunteer activities as director of the Center for Global Initiatives. Equally important to him are his family responsibilities—making sure that he can pay for his children's college education and care for his elderly mother. It's a classic Sandwich Generation dilemma.

"The kinds of things that keep me up at night are things that have direct impact on myself, my mother and my family," he says. Helping him find a way to balance these financial responsibilities is his Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor, Ismat Khimani. "Seeing Chris, who is doing so much for his family yet finds the time for the needs of others, is inspiring for me," she says. Watch the video to see how Stout juggles his many priorities and responsibilities.

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  1. How can we balance our childrens' and parents' needs with our own goals?
  2. What can we be doing to address our parents' potential long-term medical costs?
  3. Can you help us start a conversation about finances with our parents and children?

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