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The Passionate Entrepreneur

Daring in business, Steve Schussler prefers to limit the risks in his portfolio.

In his best seller It's a Jungle in There, Steve Schussler shares his philosophy about how to succeed in business. "Be daring." Over the years, he's put that philosophy into practice, founding the innovative restaurant chains Rainforest Café and T-Rex, which feature such crowd-pleasing special effects as simulated thunderstorms and life-like dinosaurs. But when it came to his investments, after the market downturn of 2007-2008, this risk taker, who was 100% invested in equities, became increasingly interested in preserving his assets.

Before he met his Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor, Kathy Chen, Schussler recalls, "I was ready to get out of the market completely." Chen advised him that "wealth management is about risk management." She immediately helped him rebalance his portfolio. Now, says Schussler, "I can be even more passionate and emotional about what I do, knowing that somebody is watching over me."

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