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What does it mean to work with a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch?

It means having a relationship with someone who understands you. It means working with a dedicated partner you can trust. And it means setting realistic goals. Read on to see what you can expect, what sets Merrill Lynch apart and how to find the right advisor.

Working with a financial advisor

Even if you’re accustomed to managing your wealth on your own, you may find significant value in having a relationship with someone who is specially trained and certified to help you identify your goals. And has the knowledge and resources to help you make better informed decisions.

Financial advisors understand the latest trends, risks and opportunities. But they also need to understand you. Your advisor will guide you through the process, providing more than just investment advice to develop a comprehensive financial strategy based on your unique challenges and opportunities.

Ongoing relationship
You’re not in this alone. Working with an advisor means you will have a personal, one-on-one relationship with someone dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals. You will meet as often as you wish to discuss changing life priorities and help keep you ahead of changing market conditions.

Questions about advice:

Why should I risk my money when markets are so uncertain?
All investments involve risks and that can be stressful. Your advisor can help you control risk by matching solutions to goals – conservative for needs such as saving for college or more aggressive for more aspirational goals.

Shouldn’t I only pay when my investments go up?
The value of an advisor is much more than temporary ups and downs reflected in your latest returns. It’s having someone with deep financial knowledge and resources who understands you and defines success by whether you reach your goals.

Why should I pay an advisor when I can make my own trades myself?
Making a trade isn’t the same thing as building a solid framework for your financial life. When you buy or sell an investment, it’s important to consider just how that transaction will affect your other assets. An advisor can help you manage complex wealth and prioritize multiple goals.

With over 14,000 financial advisors nationwide, we can help you find one who meets your unique needs.

Understanding the financial complexities of your life, your Merrill Lynch advisor can build a plan for your unique needs.

Goals-based advice
Before anything else, your advisor will take the time to get to know you, your priorities, investment personality and financial situation. In-depth training along with the best thinking from Merrill Lynch allows your advisor to develop a disciplined strategy that goes beyond investments, addressing all aspects of your financial life. And it doesn’t end there, your advisor will track progress and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Personal service
Responsive service in every aspect of your relationship is how we connect you to the right solutions. Communication is on your terms, whether that’s digital or face-to-face, on a schedule that’s right for you. Plus you’ll have access to tools to manage aspects of your financial life on your own.

It will be clear what you’re paying for and what you’re getting. And it will always be in terms you understand – from confirmation of associated fees and explanation of risks with each investment to periodic reviews revisiting advice and strategies.

Questions about Merrill Lynch:

Why Merrill Lynch as a firm?
We have more than 100 years of progress and innovation and are always looking for better ways to serve our clients. Our disciplined approach uses the industry’s best resources and intellectual capital, including investor guidance and insights from Merrill Lynch’s Chief Investment Office and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research team.

Are there extra rewards for being connected to Bank of America?
In addition to investment and banking resources, doing business with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America means you get a higher tier of service and benefits on your banking products. For example, you can expect up to 75% more cash back on your credit card, 100 free trades per month through Merrill Edge and 20% more interest on your savings account.

Client stories

In addition to your dedicated advisor, you’ll have access to a team of experts as well as a full suite of banking resources.

Centralized Investment Strategy
Our Chief Investment Office will provide a clear and informed point of view based on your needs. And you can expect timely insights, commentary, analysis and guidance from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research team.

Industry leader
Not only will you get the expertise and thought leadership from Merrill Lynch, you’ll also have access to the resources and solutions from the larger Bank of America. With greater capabilities, we can deliver both wealth management and banking services to address all aspects of your financial life – banking, investing, Trust, lending or business solutions for any scale.

We’re honored to be recognized for our research, leadership, customer service and advisors.

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