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What’s the Best Financial Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

Hear what others had to say in this video celebrating mothers everywhere

MOMS SHARE THEIR WISDOM with their kids every day—and many of those lessons are financial. It was probably Ben Franklin's mom, after all, who taught him that "a penny saved is a penny earned.” Based on the great responses we got in this video, the financial lessons our moms teach us tend to stick with us—they even help to shape our financial lives as adults. Take a listen. Then share your mom’s best financial advice, using the hashtag #momsknowbest on Twitter. And follow @MerrillLynch for more tips and insights every day.

3 Questions to Ask Your Advisor

  1. What are some good resources I can use to teach my kids the financial basics?
  2. My daughter is just starting out in her first job. Could you give her some tips on how to plan for her future, financially?
  3. Would sitting in on our next meeting be a good learning experience for my teen?

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