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When the Ultimate Goal Is Family

How a dream of building a retirement home near the kids was almost lost—and what this family did to make it reality

3 Questions to Ask Your Advisor

  1. I want to retire without any debt—what are some things I can consider doing now to reach that goal?
  2. How can I figure out whether the degree of risk in my portfolio is still right for me?
  3. In case I suffer a financial setback such as a job loss, how can I see to it that the impact to my long-term goals is minimized?

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Case studies are intended to illustrate brokerage and banking products and services available at Merrill Lynch. You should not consider these as an endorsement of Merrill Lynch as an investment adviser or as a testimonial about a client's experiences with us as an investment adviser. Case Studies do not necessarily represent the experiences of other clients, nor do they indicate future performance. Investment results may vary.

The investment strategies discussed are not appropriate for every investor and should be considered given a person's investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. Clients should review with their Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor the terms, conditions and risks involved with specific products and services.


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