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Our investment process can help you pursue your goals

Our investment process is powered by the Chief Investment Office (CIO). The CIO supports you by providing your financial advisor with the comprehensive expertise needed to help you pursue your goals. This expertise includes ongoing oversight of your Investment Strategy, Implementation Guidance, and Portfolio Administration.*

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Chris Hyzy, Chief
Investment Officer
at Merrill Lynch,
discusses the work
of the CIO and how
it supports your
financial advisor
every step of the way

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"...We've built a framework that allows investors to take our best thinking including market insights, quantitative analysis, and due diligence and tailor it to their unique needs and priorities."

- Joe Curtin, Head of CIO Portfolio Management

Intelligent market viewpoints shape your portfolio

We connect every step in the investment process. Our global investment professionals synthesize themes, trends and cyclical changes. Our viewpoints are the foundation for constructing and managing your portfolios.

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"Our goal is to provide actionable insights so that we can manage assets as fiduciaries for our clients. That’s really the overarching objective for the Chief Investment Office."

- Joe Curtin, Head of CIO Portfolio Management

We seek to reduce the impact of market volatility with
short-term opportunities

Political and regulatory changes, the macro economy and many other factors can impact the markets. Based on your risk tolerance and time horizon for your goals, we seek to reduce your exposure to volatility and help you enhance returns.

Learn more about investment strategy in our whitepaper, Foundations of Guidance: Capital Market Assumptions


"We’re constantly looking for investment solutions that are going to work in different market environments."

- Anna Snider, Head of Due Diligence

Rigorous standards support your strategy

A rigorous and consistent evaluation of investment managers helps support our objectives to deliver strong performance and avoid undue risks. The investments on Merill Lynch's Investment Advisory Program (IAP) reflect our market insights so you have access to high-conviction investments strategies to build your portfolios.**

Explore implementation guidance in our Due Diligence whitepaper.


Our Head of CIO Portfolios, Vineet Budhraja, talks about staying on track and accountability.

Informed analysis, high‑conviction investments and your goals

Our portfolio construction process centers on one question: “What goals are you trying to achieve?” We implement our best thinking based on your personal objectives in a process that continuously monitors and measures portfolio success. Then we make changes to help ensure you’re on target to meeting your goals.

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With the strong investment process that we have in place, backed by the CIO, your financial advisor can help you navigate today's dynamic financial marketplace to achieve what's most important to you.

*Risk management, diversification and due diligence processes seek to mitigate, but cannot eliminate risk, nor do they imply low risk.

**Those strategies that the Due Diligence team believes, with a high degree of confidence on a forward looking basis, can consistently meet or exceed their performance objectives or other stated objectives for a given level of risk over a market cycle. 

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