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CMA® Financial Service Cash Management Account®
Disclosures and Account Agreement - Fees


The following is a subset of the agreement and disclosures governing your CMA account as they pertain to fees. See the full agreement, which includes disclosures required by federal law.


About Fees

Unless otherwise indicated, all fees are nonrefundable and are subject to change upon notice. The annual fees for SubAccounts may either be charged to the CMA account to which they are linked or be charged directly.



CMA account $125*
CMA SubAccount®
CMA SubAccount for Trusts
Minimum Balance Fee See "Minimum Balance Fee," page 23
CMA Access Visa card No fee


*If a CMA account meets certain eligibility criteria, the account may be eligible for an annual account fee waiver under the CMA Annual Account Fee Waiver Program. For additional information, please see page 43. However, the annual account fee will be automatically waived for the following client/ownership types: Irrevocable Living Trust, Testamentary Trust, Estate, Curator/Guardian/Conservator/Tutor/Committee and Usufruct.


Electronic bill payment No fee
Funds Transfer Service         No fee        
Account linking No fee



Securities purchases/sales Commissions vary;* contact your Financial Advisor
Money fund share purchases No fee
Checkwriting No fee
ATM withdrawals CMA accounts:
Merrill Lynch fees: No fee

Bank of America ATM fees: ATM fees/surcharges will not be charged when accessing a Bank of America ATM machine

ATM operator fees at non-Bank of America ATM machines: ATM surcharges are reimbursed for up to $200 per year at U.S. ATMs (includes all U.S. territories — U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Midway Islands and Puerto Rico)
Visa international transaction fee 2% of the U.S. dollar amount of all transactions occurring outside the U.S.
Cash advances on Visa cards 0.25% of total dollar amount, $2.50 minimum
Account transfers (to another firm) CMA: $95


*On most transactions, there is also a processing fee (shown on the confirmation) to help cover the costs associated with trades and statement processing.

International cash advances on domestic CMA accounts will not be charged.



Bank of America, N.A., overdrafts
Daily periodic rate
(18% annual percentage rate)
Margin interest charges See "Margin Interest Rates," page 18


A minimum balance fee of $15 per calendar quarter will be charged to households with accounts that in the aggregate have less than $20,000 in assets at Merrill Lynch.


The following accounts will be included in determining the aggregate household account value:

  • CMA accounts
  • Individual Investor Accounts
  • IRAs (IRA, IRRA, Roth IRA, SEP and SIMPLE accounts)
  • Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Education savings accounts (Education Savings Accounts and Section 529/NextGen accounts)


Accounts with the same mailing address on the valuation date will be considered included in the same household.


The minimum balance fee will not apply if on the valuation date there is at least $5,000 in mutual funds holdings (not including money market mutual funds) in household accounts or if any account in the household is enrolled in the Mutual Fund Advisory program. The fee will also not apply until one year from the date the first account in the household has been established.


The quarterly fee will be charged to only one account in the household, as follows:

  • If there is more than one eligible account in the household, CMA accounts will be charged before Individual Investor Accounts, and Individual Investor Accounts will be charged before any IRA.
  • If there is more than one of the same account type within the household, the account with the largest asset balance on the valuation date will be charged the fee.


Accounts enrolled in the following services will be used to determine whether the $20,000 threshold has been reached but will not be charged the fee: Consults (and other managed account products) and accounts in the Merrill Edge® self-directed online investing platform. Section 529/NextGen, ESA, MSA, HSA and stock option exercise accounts will also not be charged the fee.


In determining the value of accounts, the valuation date will be the last Friday of each calendar quarter. Valuation will be based on the long-market value of securities and deposit balances with the Merrill Lynch Affiliated Banks, plus the outstanding amount of any indebtedness to Merrill Lynch or any of its affiliates. The fee will be charged during the first business days of each calendar quarter.



You will be charged brokerage fees for securities transactions made through your account. Call your financial advisor for more information.


The following miscellaneous fees may apply to CMA accounts and CMA SubAccounts:


Stop payment order $0 Not applicable
Domestic/International Fedwire (Outgoing) — U.S. currency $30 per wire for
less than $250,000 in
eligible statement-linked
assets. Four free wires per
year ($30 per wire thereafter)
for accounts with
more than $250,000 in
eligible statement-linked
$30 per wire for
<$250,000 in eligible
statement-linked assets.
Four free wires per year
($30 per wire thereafter)
for accounts with
more than $250,000 in
eligible statement-linked
International Fedwire (Outgoing) — Non-U.S. currency $0 $0
Returned deposit fee $0 $0
Returned check fee $30 Not applicable
Voluntary exchange fee $30 $30
Return of pre-authorized debit $20 $20
Delivery of non-gov't securities — not Direct
Registration System (DRS)* eligible or participating
$500 $500
Delivery of non-gov't securities — DRS eligible* $25 $25
Deposit of bond coupon $5 $5
Reregister deceased name securities $50 $50
Clearance/Collection of non-U.S. dollar deposits $10/$60 $10/$60


*DRS eligibility is determined by the issuer of the stock.


Charges may also be imposed for transfers through the FTS that are rejected due to insufficient or uncollected funds, and for providing originals or copies of checks that have been processed.


We receive a distribution fee and an affiliate receives a management fee from the money market funds. In addition, other affiliates of ours may receive fees for providing services, such as management and transfer agency services, to the money market funds. We also receive a recordkeeping and services fee from Bank of America, N.A., and Bank of America California, N.A., with respect to deposits in the MLBD Program. We receive a recordkeeping and services fee from BANA with respect to deposits in the ISA program. In connection with Visa cards, our affiliates may receive fees from sources other than Merrill Lynch clients.


Merrill Lynch and the Merrill Lynch Affiliated Banks reserve the right to change any fees or charges, or to implement additional fees or charges at any time, subject to the applicable law.


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