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Special Health Issue 2015

Helping connect YOUR HEALTH and YOUR MONEY

  1. Download your copy of our Special Health Issue

    Download your copy of our Special Health Issue

    ML Advisor Special Health Issue 2015

  2. Planning for Health Care Costs

    Planning for Health Care Costs

    Four conversations every family should have right now

  3. When Memory Fades

    When Memory Fades

    With Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline projected to rise, it’s time to prepare yourself financially for a day you hope never comes

  4. Never Ever Give Up

    Never Ever Give Up

    My advice for living your healthiest, most fulfilling life—even if you’re not swimming across 110 miles of treacherous open ocean

  5. Empty Nesters: Move or Stay Put?

    Empty Nesters: Move or Stay Put?

    Do your homework before deciding where to live in retirement. These tips can help

  6. Wealth of Advice

    Wealth of Advice

  7. Investing in a Healthier World

    Investing in a Healthier World

    As global health issues come to the forefront, these three areas offer investors a chance to make a difference while pursuing growth

  8. Health Perks at Work

    Health Perks at Work

    From flexible spending plans to free bike-share programs, make the most of the health benefits your company offers

  9. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Why trying something totally new can be good for your health—and may even transform your approach to work and play

  10. Be the Cure

    Be the Cure

    Seven strategies that could help you get personal with your health-care philanthropy

  11. Painting by Heart

    Painting by Heart

    Though legally blind, Jeffrey Hanson has never let himself be defined by his disability. Instead, he’s touching thousands of lives with his extraordinary art and his philanthropy

  12. Travel Guides & More

    Travel Guides & More

    Here’s what’s new to help you and your advisor manage your finances to and through retirement

  13. The Retirement Home—Redefined

    The Retirement Home—Redefined

    Older Americans' mortgages are mostly paid off.1 With many retirees now free to choose where and how they want to live in retirement, here's how they're going about creating their best homes, according to a new Merrill Lynch/Age Wave study.2

  14. Go “Green” With Green Bonds

    Go “Green” With Green Bonds

    Dollars you put into this fixed-income investment provide more than potential returns—they fund environmental projects

  15. Your Financial Life

    Your Financial Life

    Banking Solutions from Bank of America

  16. Goals-Based Portfolios

    Goals-Based Portfolios

    The Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program offers a streamlined, transparent way to tailor your investments to the things you care about most

  17. Business on the Move

    Business on the Move

    Always the engine of economic success, corporate executives show new signs of optimism and confidence


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