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The Value of Advice

Understanding what a Financial Advisor Can Offer You

Program Overview: Did you just get that long-awaited promotion, become a parent (or grandparent), or decide to start a business? It’s at times like these--when life becomes more complex and priorities shift--that many people begin to wonder whether they might benefit from working with a Financial Advisor.

In this webcast, our panel will help to demystify the advisors role, exploring the professional training they receive and the many resources they have available to them. You’ll get a clear picture of the many ways that advisors can help clients pursue their most personal goals as they navigate the ups and down of sometimes volatile markets. And you’ll hear objective suggestions for finding the right advisor for yourself and your family.

Some of the topics our panel will cover include:

  • The right time to begin working with an advisor
  • The value of creating a personalized, goals-based strategy
  • How to measure progress toward your goals
  • The top questions every advisor should be able to help answer
  • Resources available to you as a Merrill Lynch client
  • Finding the right advisor for you and your family


Important Information

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