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Your children and money

Lifelong tips for talking about an essential topic

Program Overview: Bringing up children with a strong understanding of the true value of money is something many parents tell us is important to them. And this goal doesn't end when the kids are grown! Having practical "tried and true" tools and strategies that you can turn to, time and again, can be an invaluable aid in this process.

In this encore webcast, our knowledgeable panel will offer a straightforward, "real world" approach to teaching kids (at any age) about money, and will share ideas for how families can create realistic financial goals that can take their kids from early childhood, to teenage years, to college and beyond.

We'll explore:

  • Conversations to have with your children, from ages 5 on up
  • Tips for everything from saving and investing to budgeting and spending
  • Communicating with your college age and twentysomething kids
  • How a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor can help your family pursue its goals


Important Information

  • You'll need Adobe Flash or Windows Media Player to join this webcast.
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