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  1. Finances

    What Could Near-Zero Interest Rates Mean for Investors?

    Your key questions about navigating today’s low-rate environment answered

  2. Health

    Finding Joy When You Need It Most

    A best-selling author offers tips for managing stress as you juggle today’s many family, work and health concerns

  3. Family

    Divorce in Mid-Life: Fresh Starts, New Financial Challenges for Women

    When a marriage ends, women often see a larger drop in income than men. Consider these key points as you make decisions about splitting your finances as well as your lives.

  4. Finances

    Invest in Yourself: See our financial tips, resources (and inspiration) for women

    We're here to help with ongoing insights and experience specifically for women investors.

  5. Finances

    Social Security: Aiming for Smarter Payments

    Delaying your benefits for as long as you can could give you greater income for life. But is it the right move for you? These insights can help.

  6. Health

    Your Guide to
    Medicare: 5 Key Questions Answered

    The information you may need to activate coverage for yourself or your parents

  7. Finances

    Should You Borrow or Take a Distribution from Your 401(k)?

    While they’re both options, there are reasons you might want to consider other alternatives first

  8. Finances

    Be Cyber Secure: Protecting Your Family Online

    Ideas and best practices to help you protect your finances and personal information in the current environment.

  9. Work

    Be Cyber-Secure: Best Digital Practices for Businesses

    Ideas to help you protect yourself and your business in the current environment.

  10. Finances

    The Value of Financial Advice During Volatile Markets

    Working with an advisor can help you prepare for down markets—and stay grounded when they come

  11. Health

    Staying Covered Until Medicare Kicks In

    If you retire before 65, how can you replace the health insurance coverage you received from your employer? These tips can help you bridge the gap.

  12. Finances

    Smart Ways to Pay
    Back Your Student

    What comes after graduation day? The job of repaying the cost of college. That often involves hard choices, but with a solid strategy, you can tackle your debts without jeopardizing your future.

  13. Finances

    Could a 529 Education Savings Plan Affect
    Financial Aid?

    The answer is maybe—but its impact is likely to be minimal and shouldn’t discourage you from saving and investing for your child’s future.

  14. Family

    The Caregiver’s
    Financial Guide

    Five questions to help you prepare for what may be one of the most important roles of your life

  15. Finances

    Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Taxed?

    For many people, the answer is yes—but these strategies could help you minimize the hit on your retirement income

  16. Finances

    The Best Retirement Advice? Be Flexible

    In revealing audio clips, clients share the unexpected challenges they found in later life—and the financial choices they made to adjust.

  17. Giving

    Options and Opportunities for Giving in a Changed World

  18. Giving

    Keys to Nonprofit Success in Complex Times

    Creativity and resilience are critical to achieving your goals

  19. Home

    What’s Different Financially for Women?

    Tips for powering through obstacles on your road to financial freedom. PLUS: Watch a video featuring one mom's answer to work-life balance.

  20. Finances

    What Could Be Behind the Rising Interest in Sustainable Investing?

    Investors concerned about climate change, gender inequality and a range of other issues now have access to more data and information about the risks and potential rewards of sustainable investing

  21. Finances

    Tips, Stats—and True Stories—to Help You Retire Ready

  22. Investment Trends

    Merrill Perspectives Podcast

  23. Health

    Health Savings
    Accounts Explained

    Answers to 9 questions many people have—from who’s eligible to what costs these accounts can help you cover.

  24. Finances

    Traditional or Roth IRA—Which Might Be Right for You?

    When it comes to putting away money for retirement, a Roth could make more sense for you than a traditional IRA—or vice versa. Here's what to consider before making a decision.

  25. Finances

    Disaster-Proof Your Finances

    5 tips to help you recover more easily from a flood, fire or other natural disaster

  26. Work

    Women: Love What You Do—Earn What You’re Worth

    Career tips to help you succeed—and maybe even break some glass ceilings.

  27. Finances

    5 Top Reasons People Turn to an Advisor
    (And Why You Shouldn't Wait)

    Buying a home? Paying for college? Retiring soon? Planning ahead can help you work toward your financial goals—and prepare for any unexpected challenges.

  28. Work

    Smart Ways to Transfer the Family Business

    Three ways to create a meaningful legacy, while generating a healthy retirement income for yourself

  29. Finances

    How to Be a Tax-Smart Investor

    Thoughtful decisions about the asset classes you choose and the accounts you hold them in could help you lower your tax bill

  30. Portfolio Strategies

    What Can You Do When the Markets Get Volatile?

    Market swings can be unnerving, but they shouldn't distract you from staying focused on your financial goals. We spoke with Niladri Mukherjee with the Chief Investment Office for his insights.

  31. Portfolio Strategies

    Why ESG Matters—Now More Than Ever

    A new BofA Global Research study finds companies that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account may enjoy advantages over companies that don’t

  32. Family

    Couples Quiz: 5 Financial Questions for a Long-Lasting Relationship

    Use these insights to inform money conversations as your financial priorities change over the years

  33. Portfolio Strategies

    10 Things You Need to Know About the SECURE Act

    New rules, designed to make it easier for people to save and invest for a long life, could help you boost your retirement-readiness

  34. Finances

    The Bulletin

    Financial tips, trends and insights to help you plan for the prioritiesâ like your health, home, family, work, even leisureâ that matter most to you

  35. Finances

    Rethinking Retirement: New Rules, New Realities

    Recently signed legislation, the SECURE Act, introduces more ways to save for a longer life.

  36. Family

    How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

    Use these tips to put plans in place that can help protect your family and secure your legacy.

  37. Finances

    7 Keys to Getting Through a Prolonged Market Downturn

    Here's what you may want to do—and avoid doing—as you maneuver through an extended decline

  38. Giving

    Keep the Joy of Giving Alive Year-Round with a Donor-Advised Fund

    Donor-advised funds are "a one-stop shop" for managing your charitable giving, offering convenience, flexibility and tax advantages.

  39. Finances

    7 Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping

    Buying presents for family and friends can be expensive. These strategies could help you save money as you search for the perfect gifts.

  40. Finances

    What Coronavirus Means for the Markets and Your Money

    Chris Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, answers questions top of mind for everyone right now

  41. Finances

    Checklist: 7 Questions Every Advisor Should Be Able to Answer

    Whatever your priorities, this can help you find someone who understands you and has the resources to help you with your financial life

  42. Health

    Health & Aging: Is Your Family Ready to Cover the Costs?

    Use these four questions as a guide to help you plan ahead for future medical and caregiving needs

  43. Leisure

    3 Generations, 1 Great Vacation

    Traveling with family can bring you all closer together. Use these questions to help you plan a memorable getaway without breaking the bank.

  44. Health

    Picking the Best Health Care Coverage for Your Family

    These tips can help you navigate the varied, often-confusing choices many employers offer

  45. Giving

    6 Tips for Raising Generous Kids

    Easy ways to teach important lessons about the value of money

  46. Giving

    Young Philanthropists Are Changing How Families Give

    A new survey reveals family foundations increasingly focused on social issues

  47. Finances

    Selling Stocks? 3 Ways You Might Minimize Your Capital Gains Taxes

    Many investors look to lock in equity gains as they rebalance their portfolios. These tips can help you limit the tax consequences.

  48. Finances

    6 Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

    Here’s what you and your tax professional should be discussing in order to help reduce your tax liability for 2019 and beyond

  49. Giving

    Philanthropy in 2019: Responding to Tax Reform

    As charities assess the impact of recent tax legislation, donors may find new ways to give

  50. Leisure

    Volunteer Vacations: Give Back While Getting Away

    For your next trip, think about combining seeing the sights with doing something to make the world a little better. It may require some extra planning, but the rewards can be immense.

  51. Home

    2 Times You Should Never Tap into Your Home Equity

    Thumbs up—and down—on 7 uses you might be considering

  52. Finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Hone Your Password-Writing Skills with This Quiz

    Use these tips to help you keep your financial (and other) online accounts safe.

  53. Finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Beware These Business Email Scams

    Steps you can take to defend against phishing, smishing and other forms of cyber attack

  54. Finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Family

    Consider setting up a virtual private network and 5 other tips to help thwart cyber criminals

  55. Finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Ways to Protect Your Business and Your Customers

    Cyber criminals uncover and target 480 new vulnerabilities every minute. Are you prepared?

  56. Family

    Widowhood: The Loss Couples Rarely Plan for—and Should

    No one is ever ready emotionally for the death of a spouse. But you can prepare financially for the decision-making and reduced income you may someday face.

  57. Family

    Women’s Guide to
    Social Security

    Knowing when to claim your benefits can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and outliving your money.

  58. Family

    The Basics Q&A: "Mommy, Are We Rich?"

    Q: My five-year-old daughter recently asked me about our financial situation. What's the best way to respond?

  59. Family

    Remarriage in Retirement: What to Consider Before Saying 'I Do'

    Think about these financial issues before walking down the aisle again

  60. Finances

    Online College Degrees: Are They Worth the Money?

    Read up on their advantages, plus how to pick the right online school and how employers perceive them.

  61. Finances

    4 Ways to Invest in Women’s Equality

    Be part of helping to change the status quo—and pursue growth—through gender lens investing

  62. Family

    Same-Sex Marriage: The Financial Benefits

    Here’s why a growing number of couples are considering tying the knot in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on marriage equality

  63. Finances

    8 Tax Tips That Could Save You Money This Year

    Tax accountant Vinay Navani offers ideas you can share with your tax professional to reduce what you owe

  64. Home

    Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

    Answering these seven questions can help you figure out whether it's the right move for you to make now<br><br>

  65. Health

    Checklist: 7 Things Every Alzheimer’s Caregiver Should Know

    Use these tips to help you keep your loved ones safe as you manage the financial aspects of caregiving.

  66. Home

    How to Calculate Your Home Equity—and Why It Matters

    As prices rise or fall in your area, your home equity also shifts. Here’s a quick guide for figuring out how much you have, plus tips to potentially increase it.

  67. Home

    How Your Home Can Help You 'Renovate' Your Finances

    A house is more than a place to live and raise your family. Here are some ways the equity you've built up could help you pursue other important goals.

  68. Finances

    4 Big Retirement Risks—and How to Prepare for Them

    You can't control unexpected events in your life or in the markets, but these tips can help you limit their impact

  69. Health

    Health Perks at Work

    PPOs, FSAs, HSAs and more—the range of health-care options employers offer can be confusing. Here's a guide to help you decide what might work best for you and your family.

  70. Market Decode: Is Impact Investing Right for You?

    Discover how you can combine a desire to have a positive impact on the world with investing for your future<br><br>

  71. Finances

    Do You Have a Retirement
    Spending Plan?

    Saving and investing is just the first step in retirement planning—creating a plan to draw down that money is the next challenge. These tips can help.

  72. Family

    Checklist: 5 Retirement Questions Every Couple Should Ask—and Answer

    Even newlyweds can benefit from having this conversation. The sooner you come to an agreement, the easier it will be for you to put a strategy in place to pursue your goals.

  73. Family

    Can a Marriage of (Financial) Opposites Last?

    You bet, says this couple, who have been married for more than four decades. Here, they share their secrets.

  74. Family

    The Things They Never Tell First-time Parents

    Creating a secure financial future for your new baby is one of the most important things you can do⁠—but few parents know where to begin.

  75. Work

    5 Top Encore Careers—and Ways to Pay for the Retraining You May Need

    Reinventing yourself sometimes requires reeducating yourself. Consider these ways to pay for your encore education.

  76. Home

    Renovate Your Home Without Wrecking Your Budget

    These remodeling do’s and don'ts could help you make the most of your home—and potentially even increase its resale value

  77. Family

    Newlyweds’ Financial Guide

    When you said, "I do," you committed to sharing your financial future, and that can take some getting used to. (Hint: The more you communicate, the better.)

  78. Portfolio Strategies

    Investing for Income—Not Just Growth

    These ideas can help as you look to create a steady stream of income for retirement and other cash-dependent goals.

  79. Finances

    What Can an Advisor
    Do for Me?

    Probably more than you think. An advisor can offer useful guidance as you make decisions in all areas of your financial life.

  80. Portfolio Strategies

    Market Decode: Balancing Risk and Reward with Asset Allocation

    Senior investment strategist Marci McGregor explains how asset allocation can help you find the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash to match your risk tolerance—especially when the markets get volatile

  81. Finances

    Save More for Retirement with These 5 Tips

    Even if you're juggling other financial goals, there are steps you can take to help you get back on track.

  82. Giving

    The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

    The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund (CGF) offers a sophisticated and dynamic way to give to the causes that mean the most to you.

  83. Family

    The Financial Journey of Modern Parenting

    Parenting is a rewarding lifetime commitment that takes us on a complex and challenging financial journey. Preparing early on can make all the difference later.

  84. Work

    Why It's Not 'Business as Usual' for Women Entrepreneurs

    They overcome financial hurdles to start businesses at a higher rate than men.<a href="#1" title="click here go to footenote one"><sup>1</sup></a> How women do it offers lessons for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

  85. Giving

    Should You Give Cash as a Wedding Gift?

    Online registries make it easier than ever to do so --and couples may welcome the financial help.

  86. Finances

    7 Key Retirement Deadlines You Won't Want to Miss

    Taking steps at each of these stages on the road to retirement could help you maximize your income, minimize your taxes and avoid penalties

  87. Work

    Can You Afford to Be a Stay-at-Home Parent?

    Here are a few issues to consider&mdash;plus some strategies that could help you manage your finances during your career break

  88. Investment Trends

    Millennial Motivation: A Closer Look

  89. Family

    6 Classic Elder Fraud Scams—and How You Can Help Prevent Them

    Use these tips to help you protect your loved ones from the threat of financial fraud that’s increasingly targeting older Americans.

  90. Finances

    Beyond Stocks and Bonds

    Alternative Investments Have the Potential to Enhance Performance and Help Smooth Portfolio Volatility

  91. Portfolio Strategies

    Should I Rent or Own?

    It's an important but not always easy decision to make. Our expert looks at three essential questions to ask yourself before deciding which option is right for you.

  92. Health

    The Journey of Caregiving

  93. Home

    Could Your Home Help Fund Your Retirement?

    Many people live in their most valuable asset.<br>Here’s how your home’s value could help you retire on your terms.

  94. Home

    Choosing a Retirement Community: 7 Questions to Ask First

    Whether you're considering a move for yourself or for your parents, it's a crucial decision—and mistakes could be costly


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