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Help stay protected against the latest scam trends and learn how to identify red flags

How we protect you


Merrill is committed to your security because the protection and trust of our clients is essential to our business. Here are some of the ways we protect you.

  • Authentication

    Our highly trained associates follow strict guidelines to validate your identity and ensure your confidential information stays safe when you call, visit us online or at a branch.

  • Security Technology

    We offer safeguards through powerful security tools, such as early fraud warnings, state-of-the-art encryption, login authorization codes, and much more.

  • Privacy Assurance

    We are transparent in explaining the way we collect and share your personal and financial information. Our privacy policies are designed to protect you and give you control.

  • Fraud Protection

    We value you as our client, and we always want you to feel safe doing business with us. Merrill’s Fraud Protection Guarantee will reimburse you for losses that occur due to unauthorized third-party activity.

We have high standards


At Merrill, we know the important role technology plays in your relationship with us. Watch this video to learn how we work to deliver the highest quality service experience to help simplify your financial life.


Best in class cyber security


Merrill’s highly acclaimed cyber security team delivers comprehensive security round-the-clock to protect our clients against malicious actors. Cyber security is fundamental to everything we do. See how we integrate security features in the MyMerrill and MyMerrill app to help protect your interactions online.


Knowledge is a powerful defense against fraud and scams


Merrill’s Security Center is designed to provide you with the security tools and resources you need to fight against fraud and scams.

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If you suspect you’re a victim of fraud, contact us immediately at 1.800.MERRILL (637.7455) or speak to your financial advisor for further assistance.



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