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Solutions that reflect your goals.

What are the things that concern you most? The goals that reflect different aspects of your life? Together, you and your financial advisor will define what those are and help you connect to them.

  1. Cash Alternatives

    Want higher yields on cash investments, but don't want to lose your principal?

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  2. IRA

    Using a Trusteed IRA to Help Preserve, Protect and Control Your IRA Assets

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  3. Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors

    I want ongoing financial advice and guidance that is designed to help me meet my goals.

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  4. LMA Account
    (Offered by Bank of America)

    I want to have ready access to cash when I need it.

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  5. IRA

    I want my money to last through retirement.

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  6. CMA account

    I like the flexibility of having access to cash management services through my investment account.

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  7. Fixed Income

    I need to budget for steady income in retirement, is that possible?

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  8. A financial advisor can help you find access to the right strategies to help meet your needs/goals.

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  9. Margin Lending program

    I occasionally need quick access to cash to pursue an investment opportunity.

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  10. Customized Lending
    (Offered by Bank of America, N.A.)

    I want to pursue a passion of mine, such as purchasing a plane and learning to fly.

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  11. 529 college savings plan

    I want to pay for my children’s education.

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  12. Banking Rewards for Wealth Management
    (Offered by Bank of America)

    Now your relationship can be even more rewarding.

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  13. Preferred Deposit
    (Offered by Bank of America)

    I want to manage my finances today and plan for tomorrow

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  14. Alternative Investments

    I want to diversify my portfolio and include non-traditional investments

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  15. Home Financing Solutions (Offered by Bank of America)

    I want to find the right home financing solution to complement my wealth management strategy.

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  16. Impact Investing

    I want to align my investments with the causes and issues important to me.

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