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Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program

I want personalized advice and investing with my goals at the center

At Merrill, we believe that your investments should be a reflection of you – your life, your priorities, your goals. One of the investment approaches available to you is the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program.


If the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program is right for you, you will have access to personalized advice through your dedicated advisor. It offers you:


  • A broad selection of investment solutions, including individual funds, equities and fixed income securities
  • Access to strategies managed by us and from approved investment managers
  • Ongoing monitoring of your investment advisory account
  • Choice to maintain control of day-to-day investment decisions or delegate them to your advisor, Merrill or a third-party investment manager
  • A customized and negotiated annual fee, based on your assets
  • Access to tax efficient management overlay services we make available for eligible investment strategies, which seek to maximize the after-tax value of investments held in a taxable account

You may only have access to certain managed investment strategies under the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program, as well as certain limited brokerage services, based on the qualifications of your advisor and our policies. Merrill makes available different investment advisory programs, each with a different service model and different fee schedule, which can be reviewed in our Summary of Programs and Services.


An integrated view of your wealth

As a Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program client, you will also have access to Wealth Overview to give you deeper insights into your relationship with us. You’ll see your Wealth Overview in the report that Merrill provides to you through the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program. It is also available in a personalized video that your advisor can share with you.


It combines information from your banking, brokerage and investment advisory accounts, as well as accounts at other firms that you have shared with your advisor. It also provides additional insight into your Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program accounts, which includes holdings, performance and investment profile information.



It all starts with a conversation

You can choose from a range of ways to invest based on your individual objectives, investment style, need for ongoing advice and interest in particular solutions. Refer to the Client Relationship Summary to learn more about the different ways you can work with a Merrill advisor to pursue your goals.


To evaluate your options and determine if the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program may be right for you, schedule a discussion with your advisor.


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