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Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program


I want ongoing financial advice and guidance that is designed to help me meet my goals.


Do you feel confident that you have the right investment strategy in place to help you pursue your goals?


The Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program offers a streamlined, transparent way to tailor your investments to the things you care about most.


At Merrill Lynch, our advisors help you pursue your goals by delivering ongoing advice and guidance. The Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program (Program) offers managed accounts that are designed to meet specific investment objectives. As a Merrill Lynch client, you'll work closely with an advisor to craft an investment strategy that aligns with your unique life priorities. Throughout the process, you'll have the flexibility to decide how you want your portfolios to be managed, access to some of the industry's best managers, and the resources to help you achieve your goals.


An experience that is simple, transparent and focused on your goals.


With the Program, your advisor will work closely with you to assess your unique situation, help you define your goals and develop a strategy to pursue them. As time passes, your advisor will help you periodically monitor your progress and rebalance your portfolios as needed to help keep you on track.


Throughout the process, you will get consolidated reporting, easy-to-read account documents and a simple fee schedule – so you'll feel confident and in control knowing exactly what we're doing for you, what you have, and what you're paying.


A demonstrated history of innovation and industry leadership.


Merrill Lynch has over 30 years of professional asset management experience, with $662.4 billion in investment advisory assets under management.1 Our reputation is rooted in our disciplined approach, which uses the industry's best research and intellectual capital — including investor guidance and insights from Merrill Lynch's Office of the CIO and the BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research team, Institutional Investor's top-ranking team five years in a row (2011-2015). Talk to a Merrill Lynch advisor today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you reach your goals.2




*Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program is an investment advisory service sponsored by Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch offers a broad range of brokerage, investment advisory and other services. There are important differences between brokerage and investment advisory services, including the type of advice and assistance provided, the fees charged, and the rights and obligations of the parties. It is important to understand the differences, particularly when determining which service or services to select. All recommendations must be based on the suitability requirements of the client.


1 Merrill Lynch Finance, as of 7/8/2016 (excludes funds and ETFs not in managed products).


2 Institutional Investor, 2015. The Top Global Research Firms ranking lists sell-side research providers by the combined total number of positions each earns across Institutional Investor's 12 annual research team surveys: the All-America Research Team; the All-America Fixed-Income Research Team; the All-Asia Research Team; the All-Brazil Research Team; the All-China Research Team; the All-Europe Research Team; the All-Europe Fixed-Income Research Team; the All-India Research Team; the All-Japan Research Team; the All-Russia Research Team; the Emerging Europe, Middle East & Africa Research Team; and the Latin America Research Team.


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