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Technology Standards


Confidentiality and the security of personal and financial information of our customers and clients is the highest priority at Merrill Lynch. We have multiple layers of security protection in place to protect clients, customers, employees and our company. We have a sustainable cybersecurity program that is centered upon:


  • An institutional commitment –At Merrill Lynch cyber resilience goes well beyond the expectation of simply being compliant. We make it an institutional goal.
  • A culture of accountability – Every level of our organization is accountable for cybersecurity and our employees are aware that protecting information is a shared responsibility.
  • Consistency – We ensure there is consistency in our standards, framework, and approach with cross-institutional collaboration to defend against cyber threats. How an institution is organized influences how well they prevent, detect, and mitigate against cyber crime.
  • A strong measurement program – We continually use security metrics to analyze our security solutions, identify potential vulnerabilities and determine how to best utilize our security resources.


Our cybersecurity program includes:

  • Frequent testing and participation in event management exercises to prepare us for cyber events.
  • Independent third party reviews to ensure the effectiveness of our partners' prevention, detection and incident management processes, policies, procedures and governance activities.
  • Cooperation with government and industry partners to improve the cybersecurity defense of the financial sector, which is critical to global economic security.


If you need to report identity theft or fraud, or if you have questions, please call us at 1-800-MERRILL (637-7455), or contact your financial advisor.


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