• Protecting what matters most

    In this digital age, it’s important to keep your information safe — especially when it comes to personal and financial documents. That’s why we’re committed to providing the utmost security to our clients.

  • Security and Privacy

    Security and privacy

    Your security is one of our biggest priorities — after all, we’re talking about your family and assets. Using the latest technology allows us to help protect your personal information and financial transactions. And you always have access to our privacy and security information.

  • Protect assets against fraud

    Protect assets against fraud

    We’re always monitoring and logging suspicious behavior, and as part of our Fraud Protection Guarantee, you’ll be reimbursed for unauthorized activity in your accounts. We also participate in asset protection programs such as FDIC and SIPC.


  • A secure mobile experience

    A secure mobile experience

    The MyMerrill App allows you to:


    • Protect access to your accounts with fingerprint and facial recognition
    • Submit documents with your smartphone camera
    • Manage your online and mobile security in the Merrill Security Center
    • Get mobile and email alerts when there’s a change to your profile or a new enrollment
  • Communication with your advisor is confidential and private

    Communication with your advisor is confidential and private

    In our Secure Messaging Center, emails and shared documents are encrypted so only you and your advisor can read them regardless of data or Wi-Fi connection. Plus, online delivery of your advisor’s recommendations, statements and important notifications prevent identity theft through the mail.


  • Safeguard documents in your personal electronic vault

    Safeguard documents in your personal electronic vault

    Easily upload your passport, driver’s license, wills, deeds, insurance and financial documents in your personal document vault. You can elect who has access, whether it’s your advisor or a third party.

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