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Family is at the forefront for the Hispanic/Latino community


Supporting loved ones, paired with a greater desire to uplift the community are true measures of success for many in the Hispanic/Latino community.

Hearing firsthand


Hear from individuals who’ve achieved professional and financial success, and are now paying it forward.


  • Taking care of elders is a family affair

  • Nonprofit director shares the power of his parents’ legacy

  • This Beverly Hills designer’s family inspired her brand

Different journeys yield different priorities


The definition of financial success depends on who you ask. Here’s what the Hispanics/Latinos we surveyed had to say.

  • “Family first”

    3x more likely to want to make family proud.*

  • “Our community depends on us”

    3x more likely to invest in a business of someone they know.*

  • “Hard work is our inheritance”

    64% feel it’s important to take responsibility by working hard.

  • “We’re bilingual”

    73% speak English and another language at home.**

*compared to affluent general population   |   **ages 20-34


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Diverse Viewpoints: Exploring Wealth in the Hispanic/Latino Community


We spoke with thousands of individuals from different backgrounds and professional experiences – hearing a wide range of stories of success and wealth creation.


Voices of the Community: A Courageous Conversation


Our panelists share personal stories, advice and discuss our research findings.


Committed to results


Listening and learning has given us a better understanding of how we can help Hispanics/Latinos become financially successful. With a wide array of financial solutions, our advisors have the insights, tools and know-how to make them work for you..

What we’re doing
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Advancing opportunity


We’re committed to helping people in diverse communities reach financial goals. We are already taking action – the listening and learning never stop. Read more about how Bank of America and Merrill are advancing racial equality & economic opportunity.

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