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Your Life Priorities

  1. Think about these financial issues before walking down the aisle again

  2. Encouraging your kids to become financially independent in college can free you to focus on your own goals.

  3. Use these tips to help you protect your loved ones from financial threats that increasingly target older Americans

  4. When to say yes—and how to say no—if family members turn to you for financial support

  5. No one is ever ready emotionally for the death of a spouse. But you can prepare financially for the decision-making and reduced income you may someday face.

  6. Consider setting up a virtual private network and these 5 other tips to help thwart cyber criminals.

  7. Use these tips to help you keep your loved ones safe as you manage the financial aspects of caregiving.

  8. Once you debunk the myths, you’ll see that trusts can provide a variety of powerful financial benefits, especially in uncertain times

  9. Even newlyweds can benefit from having this conversation. The sooner you come to an agreement, the easier it will be for you to put a strategy in place to pursue your goals.

  10. When a marriage ends, women often see a larger drop in income than men. Consider these key points as you make decisions about splitting your finances as well as your lives.

  11. Ideas and best practices to help you protect your finances and personal information in the current environment.

  12. Five questions to help you prepare for what may be one of the most important roles of your life

  13. Use these insights to inform money conversations as your financial priorities change over the years

  14. Use these tips to put plans in place that can help protect your family and secure your legacy.

  15. Knowing when to claim your benefits can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and outliving your money.

  16. Creating a secure financial future for your new baby is one of the most important things you can do⁠—but few parents know where to begin.

  17. When you said “I do,” you committed to sharing your financial future, and that can take some getting used to. (Hint: The more you communicate, the better.)

  18. Parenting is a rewarding lifetime commitment that takes us on a complex and challenging financial journey. Preparing early on can make all the difference later.


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