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Merrill has some of the best advisors in the industry – thousands of qualified advisors across the country dedicated to helping their clients live better financial lives. How will you find yours? Try Merrill Advisor Match – a more personalized way to choose a financial advisor.

Investment minimum $250,000


Match with an advisor in 3 simple steps



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Connect with an advisor of your choice.

92% of our surveyed clients rated their advisor a 9 or 101


Having the right guidance makes a difference. Your Merrill advisor can provide personalized investing strategies plus access to the capabilities, tools and technology only Bank of America® can deliver.


Investment minimum $250,000


There’s more than one way to invest with Merrill


With Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated advisor. However, everyone’s investing needs are different. Take a look at our other investing approaches.



Choice of advisor does not guarantee future success. Investing involves risk.


1Bank of America employs Ipsos, the world’s third largest market research company, in conjunction with Qualtrics to continuously measure Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client satisfaction via an online survey. Results quoted are from surveys conducted July 1 2022 – June 30 2023 with a total sample of 55,348 clients randomly drawn from the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client base after eligibility (minimum $20k in household assets, advised relationships) and privacy exclusions (deceased, in litigation, bad email address, etc., and had they been included percentages may be different). When asked how satisfied the client was with their primary financial advisor, 92% rated them a 9 or 10; 6% a 6-8 and 2% a 1-5.


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