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It’s time to talk about passing down wealth


If you’re unsure about talking about wealth transfer with your loved ones, you’re not alone. However, the benefits of having these discussions early and often can have profound effects down the road. Your advisor has the knowledge and patience to make the process easier for everyone involved.

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Support beneficiaries


An inheritance can bring challenges, from navigating digital assets to understanding the value of trusts. Working with your advisor can make a big difference.

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Having an established relationship with an advisor is key to:


  • Aligning values, goals and intentions
  • Building a comprehensive plan for goals today and inheritance
  • Improving financial skills with resources and tools
Trusts are a great way to pass down assets. How much do you think you know?
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    Only the wealthy benefit from trusts.
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    With trusts, you set it and forget it.
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    There are many reasons to set up a trust.
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    Once you’ve set up a trust, you give away any role in managing its assets.
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As always, your advisor has the resources and knowledge to make navigating tough topics easier. Reach out when you’re ready.


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