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It’s time to talk about passing down wealth


If you’re unsure about talking about wealth transfer with your loved ones, you’re not alone. However, the benefits of having these discussions early and often can have profound effects down the road. Your advisor has the knowledge and patience to make the process easier for everyone involved.

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Your family isn’t the first to tackle these topics. And many have worked with their advisors to create a smart wealth transfer plan. Take a look at some stories and tips that demonstrate the importance of having these conversations.


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Your advisor can play a vital role in a successful family meeting, every step of the way by:


  • Before: Creating and sharing an agenda so everyone is prepared
  • During: Navigating different perspectives and intentions
  • After: Helping synthesize and layer in differing intentions, goals, and priorities
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As always, your advisor has the resources and knowledge to make navigating tough topics easier. Reach out when you’re ready.


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