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Year-round strategies to make the most of your investments

Our tax-efficient management offerings are intended to help you make the most of your money and its growth potential.

  • Streamline ongoing management

    Save time and effort by choosing your own combination of our tax-efficient overlays and/or professionally managed strategies.

  • Potentially maximize after-tax value

    Tax loss harvesting and tax-efficient portfolio rebalancing may potentially reduce the overall amount of taxable capital gains realized during the year.

  • Keep goals on track

    Your investment goals are important—improving your results can help you achieve them on your schedule.

Talk with your advisor about enrolling in one or more of these approaches as part of your strategy


You should consult your tax and/or legal advisor prior to enrolling in any tax efficient management (TEM) offerings, as well as on an ongoing basis to determine whether specific tax rules could apply to your trading activity.

  • Tax-Efficient Rebalancing

    An ongoing, rules-based approach to rebalancing and other portfolio management activities using techniques like short-term gain deferral, best tax lot management and more.

  • Quarterly Loss Harvesting

    Systematically harvest losses on a quarterly basis once they reach a predetermined threshold, subject to a portfolio turnover limit.

  • Dynamic Tax Loss Harvesting

    Systematically analyzes account-level holdings on a daily basis
    to opportunistically harvest losses in accounts holding eligible strategies.

  • TEM Style Manager Strategies

    Invest directly in professionally managed, standalone investment strategies that engage in tax-efficient management as part of their larger investment approach.

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