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The world is changing. Investing is evolving. And life moves fast.

To meet today's challenges, we've pioneered a unique, more personal approach to investing.

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Our focus is on your life and priorities. Not just your portfolio.

Your financial life isn't just about markets or investment products. It's about what you want to achieve, the people you care for and what keeps you up at night. We start by learning about your priorities and values. We help you identify your goals, perhaps including areas you may not have considered. Then our proprietary process combines your goals and risk tolerance, so we can design a clear financial strategy around you. This is an ongoing relationship and we're here to help you stay on track with periodic follow-ups, adjusting your financial strategy as your needs and life change.

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It starts by being open and transparent.

When you sit down to work with us, we'll explain the services you'll get, outcomes you may face and, just as importantly, what you'll pay. All in terms you understand. It's a more open way to do business that keeps you better informed about how we're working to help you achieve your goals.

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You'll have a team backed by investment experts.

The world and markets are complex. That's why our investment professionals are here to help you navigate today's dynamic financial marketplace. Your advisor has access to industry-leading research1 and insights and, along with our Chief Investment Office, will help design your personal investment strategy and portfolio ‒ and making adjustments as needed based on discussions with you.

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We're evolving to make our expertise more accessible than ever before.

We combine skilled people, innovative technology and personalized advice. Whether it's high touch or high tech, or any combination of the two, you'll have access to the guidance you need. Communication is on your schedule and your terms, from digital to face-to-face. You will have access to the banking convenience of Bank of America and the investment insights of Merrill Lynch for a more complete view of your total financial picture. This can help you, and your advisor2, see the big picture, as well as offering access to a breadth of resources across the financial spectrum.

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