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  1. Finances

    The Value of Financial Advice During Volatile Markets

    Working with an advisor can help you prepare for down markets—and stay grounded when they come

  2. Portfolio Strategies

    How to Measure Your Tolerance for Risk

    While you can’t control what the markets will do next, you can get a handle on how much risk you’re comfortable taking with your investments. Discussing these three questions with your financial advisor can help

  3. Today's Markets

    Merrill CIO Audiocast Series

  4. Today's Markets

    Capital Market Outlook

    We take a look at the current earnings season–and what it may mean for investors.

  5. Today's Markets

    Growth or Value Stocks?  Why the Answer Today May Be ‘Both’

  6. Today's Markets

    Midyear Outlook: Getting to the “New Normal”

    In a year of extraordinary challenges, positive signals are emerging that the economy is regaining its momentum

  7. Investment Trends

    Merrill Perspectives Podcast

  8. Portfolio Strategies

    What Could Near-Zero Interest Rates Mean for Investors?

    Your key questions about navigating todayâ s low-rate environment answered

  9. Portfolio Strategies

    3 Investing Strategies to Consider for the Recovery Ahead

  10. Today's Markets

    Forecast: Second-Quarter Earnings & Other Headwinds May Test the Markets

  11. Today's Markets

    Understanding Reflation—and Why It Matters

  12. Portfolio Strategies

    Consider the Alternatives—Beyond Stocks & Bonds

    Hedge funds, private equity and real assets could help you manage volatility as you pursue your goals, but they carry some risk. Here’s what you need to know.

  13. Portfolio Strategies

    3 Reasons to Revisit Your Asset Allocation Strategy

    A disciplined approach to investing, along with rebalancing as needed, can help you pursue your goals in up—and down—markets

  14. Investment Trends

    Life After the Coronavirus

  15. Today's Markets

    4 Signs There May Be a New Bull Market on the Horizon

  16. Investment Trends

    Could Companies that Value Workplace Inclusion Fare Better in Times of Crisis—and Be...

    Companies that place a premium on treating workers well and creating a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone may perform better financiallyâ and earn the trust of consumers and investors alike

  17. Today's Markets

    Coronavirus & Climate Change: Cleaner Air—But Stalled Solutions

  18. Today's Markets

    3 Signals That the Recession May Have Bottomed

  19. Today's Markets

    Looking Ahead to a 'New Frontier' for Investors

  20. Today's Markets

    The Road to Recovery

    In a few short months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, the future of the economy, our finances and how we work and spend our time with family and friends could be quite different from anything any of us has ever experienced.

  21. Investment Trends

    Solving the Climate Crisis: Five Areas That Could Make a Difference

    For the future of the world’s economies and the people who live in them, climate change can no longer be ignored—and investors may have a role to play.

  22. Today's Markets

    What's Behind the Markets' Optimistic Outlook?

  23. Investment Trends

    5 Trends That Could Define Our Post-Coronavirus Lives

    The pandemic could leave a legacy of innovation, social change and geopolitical disruption, says this BofA Global Research report

  24. Today's Markets

    What Reopening Could Mean for the Economy

  25. Today's Markets

    How Has Sustainable Investing Been Doing During Current Volatile Markets?

    It may actually be proving its staying power – here are two reasons for its current strong showing

  26. Today's Markets

    Stay Up to Date—Get Our Market Insights by Email

  27. Investment Trends

    10 Post-Coronavirus Trends & the Investment Opportunities They Could Create

  28. Today's Markets

    Why Consumers Hold a Key to Recovery

  29. Today's Markets

    Why Did Oil Prices Collapse, and When Could They Recover?

  30. Portfolio Strategies

    Sustainability Now—and Beyond the Current Crisis

    In this time of crisis, some investors may be wondering if sustainable investing has taken a backseat to the emergencies of the day. The short answer is no; in fact, recent events have shown that sustainability may be more important today than ever before.

  31. Today's Markets

    Investment Strategy Overview

    The Chief Investment Office outlook on the economy, the markets, investment trends, portfolio considerations and asset-class weightings.

  32. Portfolio Strategies

    The Roadmap for Investing in a Sustainable World

  33. Today's Markets

    When Could the Markets Recover? 5 Signs to Watch

  34. Today's Markets

    What Do the Q1 Numbers Tell Us About the Rest of the Year?

  35. Today's Markets

    What You Need to Know About the IRS Tax Extension

  36. Today's Markets

    Can a Historic Stimulus Package Help Right the Economy?

  37. Today's Markets

    Tune in to Our Podcast: Coronavirus and the Markets

  38. Today's Markets

    What Will It Take to Stem the Volatility?

  39. Today's Markets

    Will the Federal Reserve's Latest Move Be Enough to Calm Investors?

  40. Today's Markets

    What's Driving Volatility, and What Could Be Next?

  41. Today's Markets

    When Could the Markets Stabilize?

  42. Today's Markets

    Falling Oil Prices Add to Economic Concerns

  43. Investment Trends

    Tectonic Shifts in Global Supply Chains

    What a move toward deglobalization could mean for investors and companies

  44. Portfolio Strategies

    7 Keys to Getting Through a Prolonged Market Downturn

    Here's what you may want to do—and avoid doing—as you maneuver through an extended decline

  45. Portfolio Strategies

    What Can You Do When the Markets Get Volatile?

    Market swings can be unnerving, but they shouldn't distract you from staying focused on your financial goals. We spoke with Niladri Mukherjee with the Chief Investment Office for his insights.

  46. Portfolio Strategies

    How to Be a Tax-Smart Investor

    Thoughtful decisions about the asset classes you choose and the accounts you hold them in could help you lower your tax bill

  47. Portfolio Strategies

    Why ESG Matters—Now More Than Ever

    A new BofA Global Research study finds companies that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account may enjoy advantages over companies that don’t

  48. Finances

    Beyond Stocks and Bonds

    Alternative Investments Have the Potential to Enhance Performance and Help Smooth Portfolio Volatility

  49. Finances

    10 Things You Need to Know About the SECURE Act

    New rules, designed to make it easier for people to save and invest for a long life, could help you boost your retirement-readiness

  50. Investment Trends

    Are You Ready for the 2020s?

    From demographic shifts to tech innovation and climate change, the coming decade promises to transform the world. Here's what investors need to know.

  51. Investment Trends

    Why Gender Lens Investing Is Good for the World—and Your Portfolio

    The movement toward greater gender equality is impacting every level of society. And investors are taking note.

  52. Portfolio Strategies

    Investing for Income—Not Just Growth

    These ideas can help as you look to create a steady stream of income for retirement and other cash-dependent goals.

  53. Portfolio Strategies

    Market Decode: Balancing Risk and Reward with Asset Allocation

    Senior investment strategist Marci McGregor explains how asset allocation can help you find the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash to match your risk tolerance—especially when the markets get volatile

  54. Portfolio Strategies

    Selling Stocks? 3 Ways You Might Minimize Your Capital Gains Taxes

    Many investors look to lock in equity gains as they rebalance their portfolios. These tips can help you limit the tax consequences.

  55. Finances

    4 Ways to Invest in Women’s Equality

    Be part of helping to change the status quo—and pursue growth—through gender lens investing

  56. Investment Trends

    Millennial Motivation: A Closer Look

  57. The Forces Driving Corporate Sustainability

    Investors, government regulators and nongovernmental organizations are pushing for increased disclosure of environmental, social and governance factors

  58. Today's Markets

    A Timeline for Economic Recovery


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