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  1. investment trends

    What We All Can Learn from Women Investors

    Compare your investing style with these insights.

  2. investment trends

    Merrill Perspectives Podcast

  3. investment trends

    Q&A: New Energy Behind Green

    The heightened interest in this renewable energy is no hype. Learn how it can bolster energy supplies while cutting harmful emissions around the world.

  4. investment trends

    CIO Outlook on Sustainable Investing

  5. investment trends

    Reshoring: The Next Great Global Trend

  6. investment trends

    At Home with the New Consumer

  7. investment trends

    Could Companies that Value Workplace Inclusion Fare Better in Times of Crisis—and Be...

    Companies that place a premium on treating workers well and creating a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone may perform better financiallyâ and earn the trust of consumers and investors alike

  8. investment trends

    Solving the Climate Crisis: Five Areas That Could Make a Difference

    For the future of the world’s economies and the people who live in them, climate change can no longer be ignored—and investors may have a role to play.

  9. investment trends

    5 Trends That Could Define Our Post-Coronavirus Lives

    The pandemic could leave a legacy of innovation, social change and geopolitical disruption, says this BofA Global Research report

  10. investment trends

    10 Post-Coronavirus Trends & the Investment Opportunities They Could Create

  11. investment trends

    Are You Ready for the 2020s?

    From demographic shifts to tech innovation and climate change, the coming decade promises to transform the world. Here's what investors need to know.

  12. investment trends

    Why Gender Lens Investing Can Be Good for the World—and Your Portfolio

    The movement toward greater gender equality is impacting every level of society. And investors are taking note.

  13. investment trends

    Millennial Motivation: A Closer Look

  14. The Forces Driving Corporate Sustainability

    Investors, government regulators and nongovernmental organizations are pushing for increased disclosure of environmental, social and governance factors


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