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Achieving financial independence is paramount for the LGBTQ+ community


A traditional path doesn’t always apply. There are many ways to reach key milestones while staying true to yourself and inspiring others.

Hearing firsthand


Hear from individuals who’ve achieved professional and financial success, and are now paying it forward.


  • For this associate broker and trans activist, financial freedom means moving past survival mode

  • Financial stability allows this retiree to give back to his community

  • For this CEO, charting her own course makes her feel free

Different journeys yield different priorities


The definition of financial success depends on who you ask. Here’s what the LGBTQ+ community members we surveyed had to say.


  • “We’re independent”

    11% more likely to chart their own path, rather than following an established plan.*

  • “Redefining family”

    21% more likely to identify close friends as family.*

  • “Supporting our community”

    45% more likely to view giving back to their community as a top priority.*

  • “Living our authentic lives”

    4% more focused on living life how they want.*


*compared to affluent general population


Two young men loughing

Diverse Viewpoints: Exploring Wealth in the LGBTQ+ Community


We spoke with thousands of individuals from different backgrounds and professional experiences – hearing a wide range of stories of success and wealth creation.


Committed to results


Listening and learning has given us a better understanding of how we can help LGBTQ+ individuals become financially successful. With a wide array of financial solutions, our advisors have the insights, tools and know-how to make them work for you.

What we’re doing
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Advancing opportunity


We’re committed to helping people in diverse communities reach financial goals. We are already taking action – the listening and learning never stop. Read more about how Bank of America and Merrill are advancing racial equality & economic opportunity.

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